Personal Narrative-It Is Hard Having A Role Model

It is hard having a role model disappoint you. Last school year my band director and favorite teacher, Mr. Cole, did something that really changed my outlook on life. Even when trying as hard as I could, I could not make everyone happy. From this day on, I had a new view on all of my problems. I have learned that not only life but people have a way of discouraging me. Even with people disappointing me, I learned how to persevere through all of life’s struggles.
In my band program, making all-region band is a massive deal. Every year, people will be in the band hall before and after school getting ready for tryouts. In order to try out, Mr. Cole makes you pass all the scales and excerpts that could be selected for the tryouts. One day during
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That is just great! I hated asking Gracie for help. She is the clarinet player in the grade below me. She is very condescending, and nothing makes her happier than that she surpassed someone older than her. Not only is she better, but she is no good at helping people. I asked her for help before, and all she would do was brag about her own playing. Angrily I went back to my seat to practice some more. I tried, and tried to work it out. I tried some more. No matter how hard I tried I could not get this excerpt to sound suitable.
After about fifteen minutes had blown past, I still could not come up with it. Mr. Johnson, our elementary principal was in Mr. Cole’s office talking to him. I practiced away. Mr. Johnson and Mr. Cole came into the main room where I had been practicing.
Play that excerpt you’ve been working on Autumn,” said Mr. Cole.
I attempted to play it, not even coming close. I was frustrated with not only myself but Mr. Cole as well. Band had never seemed so difficult. Mr. Cole had to point out that I was horribly wrong. I was
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Even the best role models will mess up sooner or later. Sure I was very mad at him, but in his strange mind, he was trying to help me improve. Life sucks sometimes, and people do not always make it easier. Even after my views on Mr. Cole dropped, I still see him as a role model. I was discouraged, but I could still see beyond that. I forgave both Mr. Cole and Mr. Johnson. The next day, I even tried my hardest and managed to pass that terrible excerpt. With this experience, I learned how to see my problems from a different view. Not everyone will be happy with you, but as long as you are trying your hardest nothing can stop

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