Personal Culture Essay

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My Personal Culture




Culture defines the origin of people in terms of location, who they are, and where they are ending. Individuals are unique and interesting in nature because of culture. Culture is learnt (Bonder, 2002, p. 19). Culture bonds individuals to their friends, family, and nation. This paper will discuss my personal culture that has impacted my identity. My culture is free, refreshing, and full of fun; where moral standards are highly apprehended. I conform to everything moral in the society because of my friends and family. Leisure activities, dressing style, among other aspects are defined by my culture. My family and friends contribute a lot on my personal culture. The way I dress
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My church gives me a critical understanding about God. My mother is not a member of any church because of her beliefs. I do not fail to attend a church service because my mother does not. This is because my culture is free and that everyone has the right for free will. I believe that learning makes one an employee or employer. People learn from every opportunity they get in life. I believe that every opportunity creates an experience for future references. I belong to an intricate culture. Everyone in my society believes that limits create liberty. What happens daily impacts me significantly. My culture believes on competition and that the best always win. In every opportunity, may it be on sport, business, football, or Olympics, there is competition. The winner is the hero. I work hard at every point in order to stay on top of others. There are laws in everything my society partakes. The law is on top of every individual and is referred during jurisdiction. Therefore, what my friends, family and nation believe in influences my behavior. Human beings are to their culture and culture is everything (Goodwin, 2013, p. 36). People that I interact with impacts me and the vice versa is true.

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