Compare And Contrast The Perks Of Living In California Vs Arizona

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The Perks of Living in California Compared to Arizona:
Experiences are what generate opinions from others. Depending on how the experience was will ultimately determine someone 's opinion type (positive or negative). Living in two different states at two different stages in my life has some sort of influenced connotation on where I’d prefer to live; however, ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always dreamed of living in California. California is a better place to live in because of the opportunities, diversity, and atmosphere. Although we, Americans, may live on the “land of opportunities,” that doesn’t necessarily mean that still everyone is given a justified opportunity. Arizona is currently ranked 48 in education, whereas California
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The term "melting pot,” in my opinion, can be described as a culturally diverse group of people coming from different backgrounds and experiences. Although California isn’t completely the most diverse state, you will run into more diverse people than you would in Arizona. According to The Sacramento Bee, California has the largest Latino, Asian and American Indian population than any other state (Walters). By having more people of different backgrounds, it allows us as a people to grow further because we have knowledge of other’s experiences. We may not necessarily understand them, but we aren’t dumbfounded- we are more aware. Personally, I love meeting new people and also learning about them because you never know what that person can teach you based off of what their past encountering were. There is a famous cliché that reads, “in order to get what you’ve never had, you have to be willing to do things you’ve never done.” This could very well be my opinion solely but Arizona isn’t diverse at all. Arizona’s population is currently 83.7% white (U.S Census Bureau). During my time of living in Los Angeles, California, I met so many people who had different ethnicities. California is a wonderful place to go if someone is looking to be in an environment that is consumed with people who are diverse and not …show more content…
California, on the other hand, you think of the beach, weather, past trips, and even the people. California has the most amazing weather because it is never too hot, and it is not too cold either. The weather definitely fluctuates but it is nothing compared to this dry oven we live in. California is busy, there is always traffic. You just know something is always going on. Perhaps, this has to do with the population as well. People are so slow in Arizona; they aren’t risk takers. They act as if they have all the time in the world especially driving. I would much rather drive in California than Arizona because at least people have places to be. Arizona is so behind the ball when it comes to California. Based off of my interactions with others who aren’t from here, they would never guess I was from Arizona. They describe Arizonans to be unfriendly and careless. When you walk in to Culver City Mall, you’re going to receive hello’s and smiles because people are just happy and more friendly. The benefits of living in California are the beaches. While Arizona may have lakes, it is nothing compared to a California

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