Perfume : The Story Of A Murder By Patrick Suskind Essay

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In Perfume: The Story of a Murder by Patrick Süskind, the characters’ flaws manipulate and obfuscate the identities of themselves and others. Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, as a separate, exalted force, captures essences of the identities of those who surround him, while concurrently developing an idea of his own true essence, despite being physically scentless. The implications of those who Grenouille interacts with throughout his life would be less drastic if the story were not set in France during the late 1700’s, a time period in which scent (especially masking the putridness of life) holds less of an influence on the day to day attitudes of the people. As a young child, the circumstances allow for Grenouille to take on an identity that parallels those around him. Contrary to the way Baldini lacks the ability to sacrifice glory even when undeserving, Grenouille, as a young man, finds he lacks the ability to accept acclaim from himself or others for his own praiseworthy actions. Finally, through being used as a test subject in marquis Taillade-Espinasse’s pseudo-scientific stunt, Grenouille becomes enlightened on how to finally accept and display his own true worth. An analyzation of the development of Grenouille’s identity helps fabricate an idea of his perspective of others and himself, and how these perspectives correspond and intertwine with each other throughout the course of his life. As a child, Grenouille’s lack of scent causes him to take on an identity that…

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