Perfect Pottery Is The Indicator For High End Quality Giftware

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Perfect Pottery is the indicator for high-end quality Giftware. It was founded many years back, about 200 years ago. It has remained in the UK and it is looking forward to staying there, it employs many people almost about 1,600 majority of them work on the factory floor creating many products that eventually sell in the department stores. You can find most of their products at Debenhams and House of Fraser. Once they hired an HR director, that person thought that in the past perfect pottery wasn’t doing so well, so she decided to fix some of the issues. Many people can say perfect pottery has improved, but others can say otherwise, they have changed in many ways which can have an advantage but also a disadvantage.
There are many problems that Perfect Pottery is dealing with at the moment, all they are looking forward to is improving it. The biggest problem would have to be Absenteeism, in order to get things done such as the products that you need to sell we need people to start going to work to help make and improve the products. People can also be scared about getting fired so that can be a reason why so many people call off of work since they think they will be taken over by the robots that are coming into the workplace. Autocratic Leadership can also be a big problem it can make someone hate their job because of their one boss if people had more than one boss it would be easier since you may not agree with one of them. That topic can fall into an organizational…

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