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Percy Bysshe Shelley: A Poet with a Dramatic Life
Percy Bysshe Shelley is born August 4, 1792 at Field Place, by Horsham, Sussex, England. He is the oldest son of Timothy and Elizabeth Shelley. He has a brother named John and four sisters, Elizabeth, Mary, Margaret, and Helen. He is in line to inherit his grandfather 's estate and a seat in Parliament. As the oldest male, Shelley is admired by his sisters, and beloved by his parents . In fact, servants admire him too. He devises games to play with his sisters, and tells ghost stories to anyone that will listen. Shelley learns to fish and hunt in the meadows around his home while looking at rivers and fields with his cousin, Thomas Medwin. Shelley has a fairly easy home life.
Shelley 's life
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Shelley decides to "rescue" Harriet from her situation at her boarding school in Clapham, which he views as oppressive. In 1811, Harriet and Shelley elope in Edinburgh, Scotland. In doing this, Shelley violates his principle of free love for Harriet 's happiness and reputation. They go to York once they are married, and Thomas Hogg accompanies them. Hogg "falls in love" with Harriet and tries to seduce her, so Shelley has them move to the Lake District of England. In 1813, Shelley publishes "Queen Mab: A Philosophical Poem", which comes to be from Shelley 's friendship with the British philosopher, William Godwin. The poem expresses freethinking and Socialist philosophy. In June of the same year, Harriet and Shelley have their first child, Ianthe. Shelley spends quite a bit of time at William Godwin 's house, and becomes enamored in his daughter, Mary. William does not like the idea of Shelley and Mary, so they elope in 1814. Shelley offers Harriet to live with them as a sister, but she is left estranged and completely shattered. Shelley and Mary return after six weeks because of money running out. In November of 1814 Harriet gives birth to a child named Charles. Not long after, Mary gives birth to a premature child that dies two weeks later on February of 1815. Then in January of 1816 Mary has a son, whom she names William after her

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