Essay on Percy Bysshe Shelley : A Poet With A Dramatic Life

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Percy Bysshe Shelley: A Poet with a Dramatic Life
Percy Bysshe Shelley is born August 4, 1792 at Field Place, by Horsham, Sussex, England. He is the oldest son of Timothy and Elizabeth Shelley. He has a brother named John and four sisters, Elizabeth, Mary, Margaret, and Helen. He is in line to inherit his grandfather 's estate and a seat in Parliament. As the oldest male, Shelley is admired by his sisters, and beloved by his parents . In fact, servants admire him too. He devises games to play with his sisters, and tells ghost stories to anyone that will listen. Shelley learns to fish and hunt in the meadows around his home while looking at rivers and fields with his cousin, Thomas Medwin. Shelley has a fairly easy home life.
Shelley 's life at home did not prepare him for the harsh discipline and boys that torment him at Syon House Academy that he starts to attend in 1802. His bullying is made worse by his failure to control his temper and inferior fighting skills. Shelley 's most positive memories of his two years at Syon are of the imaginative lectures of Adam Walker on science, which interests Shelley throughout his life. He also became interested in Gothic romance thrillers like Matthew Gregory Lewis 's "The Monk"(1795).
In 1804, Shelley enters Eton College at 12 years old. He is bullied physically and mentally during his six years at the college. Students taunt him using phrases like "Mad Shelley" and "Shelley the Atheist", and Tom Medwin intervening only makes it…

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