Pepsi Col A Company With Corporate Social Responsibilities Essay

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By the 1960’s, Don Kimble was leading the entire Pepsi-Cola organization. Before that, he had been promoted to vice president in charge of marketing for the United States, and had full responsibility for all sales, advertising and marketing. Kimble was described as ruthlessly ambitious. These qualities allowed the Pepsi brand to increase market penetration, market development, product development, and diversification. Mr. Kimble was already experienced in the multinational trade, and along with a global vision, Pepsi’s rise as a worldwide, high-profit company was in its infancy. Mr. Kimble also made Pepsi into a company with corporate social responsibilities (CSR).
Donald M. Kendall, a National Business Hall of Fame laureate, has been recognized as one of the giants of American industry. Not only did he build one of the world 's premier consumer products companies; he also used his position in business to serve his nation, to advance the cause of international understanding and to promote human equality and justice. (10)
Pepsi-Cola 's remarkable successes in the 1960s and 1970s were the result of five distinct policies, all of which Kendall and his crew pursued diligently: advertising on a massive, unprecedented scale; introducing new brands of soft drinks; leading the industry in packaging innovations; expanding overseas; and, through acquisitions, diversifying their product line. (11)
Some of the brands introduced during his tenure were;
• Teem
• Tropic Surf
• Diet…

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