Essay Peoples Republic of China

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People’s Republic of China

The People’s Republic of China: Who is in Charge

SOC 315 Cross-Cultural Perspectives

Instructor: Randall Norris

June 21, 2012

People’s Republic of China
My paper will focus on the People’s Republic of China. I will explain how the Communist Party of China came into power. While researching the Chinese Government I found the biggest problem is the government itself is based on a lie. The supreme ruling body that elects officials and makes laws is nothing more than a figure head with over 2000 members. Real power lies not with elected officials but with members of the communist party, many of whom are not in the public eye or are retired. A country would have
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These demands came at a time when Imperial Britain needed Chinese trade, the Chinese were working to abolish the large rate of addiction in their country, and the Chinese were trying to stabilize the economy in their country (Brook 2000). To add to the growing dislike of foreign governments France took up arms to ally themselves with the British. Although the United States and Russia did not join the war they supported the British as well. The Opium Wars were just the first of many events that lead to Chinese defeat by foreign powers and unbalanced treaties. By the end of WWII China had been exploited by the British, French, Japanese, Americans, and even communist Russia. China had been forced to go to war numerous times, been subjected to unequal trade agreements, lost the right to many of its lands, and even forced to endure Britain “pushing” drugs onto its citizens with no legal recourse (Brook 2000). During WWII the Chinese also suffered at the hands of the Japanese. Citizens were treated as enemies of Japan and executed, raped, and tortured. Not only were the Chinese suffering indignities in their own country they were not tolerated in other countries either. The Chinese Exclusion Act put severe restrictions on Chinese Immigration to the United States for a period over 60

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