People Who Share A Culture And Society Essay

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Society/pg.145- people who share a culture and society.
In the video you can see what type of society the dharvi slum residents have compared to the people in the surrounding city. Even though crime may run amok you can see that the families of this society have tight knit bond with each other. They also may not all do the same jobs but many share the same ambition to hustle and provide for their families. I feel that their ambition and pride in their work is why they have a hatred for the name slum dog and I know that they weren’t too fond of the movie either. Plus the society as a whole is composed of many subcultures with all the mosques, temples, churches and other institutions with in that slum.

Nonmaterial culture/ pg.35- a group’s ways of thinking and doing. (Including beliefs, values and other assumptions about the world.)
This correlates with the video because of all the different personal family moments that the people had that didn’t have to do with any money nor physical object. A good example was sheetal’s mother who was taking time out of her busy work day to help her with homework and quiz her and check up on her progress. As she speaks to the camera she expresses how she would like sheetal to get through school and get a good education and become a doctor so that she will be able to make a better future for herself and move away. The next example is the rickshaw driver named shailesh who had aspirations to become a Bollywood star which is the equivalent…

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