People Of The War : George B. Mcclellan Essays

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People Of the War
1. General George B. McClellan
George Brinton McClellan is most often know as the retired General for the Union during the Civil War. With the outbreak of the Civil War, Ohio governor William Dennison, recommended McClellan’s work as a military leader to President Lincoln which he would later accept. As General-in-Chief of the Union Army in the North, McClellan hardly made any advancements and would often over estimate the enemy. He was relieved from command when President Lincoln did not meet eye to eye with his “military command style” in 1862 (

In Seth Grahame-Smith’s Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter, Grahame-Smith depicts
General George B. McClellan as a indecisive war general for the Union who “despised” the 16th President of the United States “with every fiber of his being” (Grahame-Smith, 231). With the Civil War underway the Union can hardly make any advancements because of General McClellan’s cautious moves and occasional overestimates of the enemy. President Abraham Lincoln is determined to win this war at all costs, so he makes the decision out of anger to remove McClellan from command. When Lincoln visits McClellan he brings an axe because he questions were McClellan loyalties lay and if he is really a vampire, also he may be a bit paranoid with the war. With Lincoln removing McClellan from command and promoting Ulysses S. Grant, the theme of a hero overcoming an obstacle to reach his goal can be displayed.
2. John Wilkes Booth…

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