Essay about Pediatric Primary Health Care Facilities

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The outpatient facility I am going to discuss is pediatric primary health care facilities. Pediatric primary health care is an outpatient facility that deals with the medical care of children from birth to adolescents up to 18 years old. The most important provider in a pediatric primary health care facility is the pediatrician. A pediatrician is a primary care doctor who only sees children, and specializes in the physical, emotional, and behavioral needs of children. A pediatrician does physical exams, makes sure children are meeting developmental milestones in growth, skills, and behavior, gives children the recommended immunizations, diagnoses illnesses, injuries and infections. A pediatrician can also refer children to specialty care; such as psychologist, therapists, dermatologist, allergist, and dietitians. The pediatrician also works closely with the patient’s parents to give information about the child’s nutrition, health, fitness, and safety needs; along with answering any questions or discuss concerns the parents may have. The support staff consists of nurses, physician’s assistants, and medical assistants. Most pediatric primary health care facilities are open Monday thru Friday, and some Saturdays. Two unique characteristics of a pediatric facility is that appointments can be made the same-day for children who have come down with an illnesses and a nurse is available to answer health questions over the phone.
The first trend I am going to discuss is the…

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