Essay about Pay It Forward By Catherine Ryan Hyde

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When considering the definition of happiness, the scientific definition is often ignored and we try and define it through our own personal and emotional experiences. Happiness, as a condition, is relative and we all experience it in our own way. Some people consider love to be the ultimate form of happiness while others believe success and wealth to be the key. There are a lot of people who disagree with both sentiments and believe that happiness comes from something else entirely, which we can observe in many forms of literature. One novel in particular, titled Pay It Forward by Catherine Ryan Hyde, describes happiness in many definitions, all of which can be interpreted by the reader. Each character views and experiences happiness in a different way than anyone else and we see each experience in a third person narrative. The only time we see and approach on happiness directly is when we read from Trevor’s diary, where he speaks from a first person narrative. The text works in a narrative, telling us the story, more often than not, from the future than where the story takes place, as if all of the occurrences already happened. There are a few instances that detail the story in the present or even the past, only seeing this from Trevor’s point of view or character flashbacks. To address happiness and its portrayal in the text, we first have to decipher how this text works, or how it functions. The most prominent and important Aristotelian appeal in this novel would have…

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