Paul Baumer 's Influence On Life Essay

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Paul Baumer was drastically changed by the war; his personality and outlook and life were a stark contrast when compared to the time before he was drafted. He was a changed man. He was fit and young and ready to take on the world. Events in the war caused his optimistic attitude for life to change, as his own life for time long after the war was over. His comrades and friends were along with Paul for the entire story, and showed the same changes as him after the war ended. Paul was a different person after the war: a war which stole not only his innocence, but the innocence of a generation.
Paul was a typical young man. He was bright and had a successful future ahead of him. He enjoyed reading and writing, drinking beer, and flirting with German girls. Since he was the narrator, we learned all of this information in one of his statements about his life before he enlisted: “Life was calmer before they sent us away. We were all content and happy, and the future looked very bright. We were just boy” He was too young to have many life experiences before the war, but that’s just a testament to how young he was at the time he enlisted. Paul was not much different from other teenage boys, looking forward to the future but also feeling a little bit scared of it at the same time. He was trying to calm down his friend after a battle, and his innocence could be seen in this quote: "Then you can look out from the window across the fields to the two trees on the horizon. It is the…

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