Essay Patient Personality : Joe Clay

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Patient Characteristics The patient, Joe Clay, is a 35 year old white, American male that works in public relations in San Francisco, CA. He has a flirtatious and vibrant personality, filled with bursts of impulsivity. Activities include social drinking due to his work and participating in parties.
Patient Functioning & Symptomatic Presentation The patient’s personality changes when he is around alcohol. When he meets his wife at the time, he pushes her boundaries into drinking alcohol, which can show that he has an enabling personality. As he is walking down the port, he keeps a big flask of liquor in his jacket pocket and says to her, “Anything that is worth having is worth suffering for.” This can reflect the mindset that he has to try to forget the daily routine of his earthly life and the struggles that comes with his job.
This drinking also affects his work performances as he comes over to his office hungover with a stuttered speech when he is speaking to the secretary. He also complains to his boss about the nature of the job that he is supposed to do. This results in being demoted at work, and eventually being fired due to not keeping track of his alcohol. This continual pattern happens as he is fired four more times within five years.
Negative behavior is also displayed as he displays hyperactivity and spontaneity. When he goes over to his girlfriend’s apartment, he brings four liquor bottles into her apartment without her asking. Within the course of the…

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