Four Domains Of Nursing

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Nursing is to provide holistic care to all either sick or well in different settings. It is science and an art, and caring is the key factor in nursing. Nursing is nurse patient relationship rather than just procedures and task. My philosophy is to provide a quality, holistic environment in which I am dedicated in ensuring my patients live in an atmosphere of respect and friendliness, and to have their cultural (Te Taha Whanau), psychological ( Te Taha Hinengaro), physical ( Te Taha Tinana) and spiritual (Te Taha Wairua) needs met in a caring manner.

Nursing theories provide framework for nurses in their day to day practice.” Theories provide a foundation of knowledge for the direction and delivery of nursing care” (Crisp & Taylor, 2013,
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Theses domains provides a framework of how a nurse should practice and maintain her competency. I have chosen domain one, which relates to professional responsibilities. In this domain nurses are reminded of how to uphold the standards of behaviour in a professional manner. This tells the public of what to expect from a nurse, as a professional. Nurses’ key concern is patient care, which is achieved by promoting health and well-being with the help of knowledge gained to maintain professional development. Professional responsibilities will guide me throughout my career to provide holistic care within the nursing guidelines of New Zealand. By following these guidelines will ensure my competency as a nurse and how I become a caring …show more content…
Treaty of Waitangi helps to promote an environment, which will help maintain independence, quality of life and health and also patients’ safety. Nursing in a caring manner, which ensures patient is being culturally safe. There are four principles of the Treaty of Waitangi, self-determination, partnership, protection and participation. Self- determination enable authority and autonomy over health. To improve the health outcomes, nurses and patients have to work together in partnership. The health professionals need to work in partnership with other heath colleagues with a common purpose to achieve a positive outcome of the care. Therefore help we get will ensure the patient receives quality holistic care, that the wellbeing and integrity is preserved. Nurses have to protect the health to achieve improvement in the health status. Wellbeing is protected by acknowledging the practices and beliefs of the patient. This helps in promoting a supportive and responsive environment. Nurses realise the rights that patients have in order to deliver equality in health care. Every patient participates to receive all levels of care provided by the health sector. As a nursing student, I am able to recognise analyse of Treaty of Waitangi and its relevance to the health. However I need to demonstrate all four principle in relation to nursing practice. The

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