Patient Assessment Paper Instructions On The Park

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HLTH 113 – Patient Assessment Paper Instructions
Last week I was walking towards the park minding on my own business while taking my usual walk. It was a beautiful day, the sun was warm and bright, at the distance birds were signing and dogs were barking; I had my earphones plugged in my ears and the Luke Bryan song “Do I” was playing. The fresh breeze were gently touching my skin and blowing death leaves away. At a few miles away I could see something laying on the floor, something like a person wearing a blue pants but I was not quick sure of what it could be, without any doubt in my mind, I kept walking towards my destination still listen to Luke Bryan Station on Pandora. At the entrance of the park, I was so shock and sacred at the point where my heart “dropped” down into my stomach when I saw a young man laying down on the floor. He looked like he was around his forty. I wanted to run so fast and so far away from the situation. But then something told me not too maybe it was the wind who whispered that to me and right then I remember I what I have learned in my Health Class.
Children were playing inside the park, other were climbing wall and other children were swinging on the swing, Baby were crying while their mom were trying to calm them. I was wondering if any of them had seem this poor man laying on front entrance of the park and no one had done anything to help him? Well that was the question that stood in my mind for the…

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