Path To Success Case Study

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In life, society’s common goal is to be a successful person. But, to what extent will a person go to fulfill this need of success. Does success justify a person intentionally going against his/her morals/ beliefs or doing what deems necessary to be successful? Some may say this would be selfish, others would say this is what it takes to fulfill their dreams. This essay will focus on an upcoming lawyer who is faced with a big responsibility that could possibly hinder the start of his success. It is believed that individuals should always uphold their morals because this makes them a good person, but can this affect his new career? I believe that on the path to success, an individual’s character will be tested and having a virtuous character …show more content…
He is defending Bryan, a middle-aged man who has an extensive criminal record and is on trial for of raping a 10-year- old boy. He is pleading not guilty. The lawyer feels quite disgusted by his defendant, but this case could make or break his career as an upcoming lawyer. Max believes that Bryan is guilty and should be punished, although Bryan has chosen Max to defend him to the best of his abilities. Max questions if he will be a “good person” if he let a rapist free. But, if he goes down this selfish path by doing what’s in the best interest of him rather his client will he be fulfilling his duty as a lawyer? Or will Max be considered an unreliable lawyer for intentionally losing his first case because he let his personal feelings/opinions, get …show more content…
As a lawyer, he should always consider the ethics of the situation and if he is doing his job to the best of his abilities. If his client, Bryan feels that he represented him at his best then Max has done his job, if Bryan felt otherwise than Max failed at his job. It is not based on the outcome of the case but on how Max handled the case. As a society “we become just by doing just as, brave by doing brave acts” this is how Max should think of the case .
By looking at the case this way, Max’s true character will come out, making him a morally good person. One could argue that losing his first case is not the way to jumpstart his career or not having his own interest in mind will hinder him in the long run. But this resolution is better than jump starting his career selfishly. Individuals have a moral virtue to do and act good. In conclusion, it would be of Max’s best interest to follow the virtue of ethics by having good intentions but still representing Bryan to the best of his

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