Freedom In The Handmaid's Tale

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Passion Over Reason
Humans are emotional beings, easily manipulated by a higher power, whether that be a government authority or anyone who holds slightly more power than an individual. Emotions are what drive a person in one direction and onto the next and hugely represent oneself and what they do. Within Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid’s Tale, emotion plays a huge role in addressing the lessons of humanity. Through ethics, authority, and freedom inside of Atwood’s dystopian society, the reader learns how important it is to maintain individuality and a sense of one's pure emotions.
Censorship plays a substantial role in the understanding the ethics of Gilead's society. With a limited observation of information from the outside, as well as
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A person's free will, as well as control over their life/body, has been swiped away from them leaving only a shell to communicate and proceed with their placed duties. Women within the Handmaid’s Tale are forced to labor children as a means of a natural resource within the community. Women unable for reproduction are to face the colonies awaiting death by radiation. Women are divided by color, with Aunts dressed in blue while Handmaid’s dress in red. The red symbolizes fertility for the handmaid's, as that is their primary function. It suggests blood of the menstrual cycle as well as birth. Blue signifies the high status of the aunts, being a royal color. Having such an extreme manner of division even with colors proves how little free will they grant. Freedom comes in multiple forms, but in Gilead, it was made sure to deny as much as they could. Offred explains how “ [she] know[s] why there is no glass, in front of the watercolor picture of blue irises, and why the window opens only partly and why the glass in it is shatter-proof”(4). The higher-ups are not afraid of they escaping, as with the amount of security there would be no chance. The fear is them having the power to free themselves from the inside; suicide is completely stripped away from them as an option, leaving no way out. The jurisdiction of the society is too strong, and each falls to the control of these corrupt government

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