Partisan Election Vs. Democratic Politics Essay

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In Texas, all judges are elected through partisan elections. A partisan election is one where candidates are listed on the ballot with indication of their political party. When Texas became a state in 1845, judges were appointed by the governor with senate consent, but since 1876, judges at all levels of courts are elected by the people in partisan elections. Though the basic premise of partisan elections is the same from state to state, there is some variation in how the elections are conducted. Some states like Texas, hold partisan primaries in which Republican and Democratic candidates compete to represent their party in the general election. Alternatively, party representation may be determined by party nominating conventions or by nominating petition. Though a small number of states use partisan elections to select judges for all of their courts, many states continue to use partisan elections at some level of their judiciary.
Politics heavily influence the decisions of elected Texas judges. Good judges with the wrong party label all too often get thrown out. Instead, bad judges with the right label or with a catchy titled are those among the elected. "Our judges act as if they 're politicians, they run on partisan ballots, they raise money, they get elected on partisan ballots. They 're more politicians then they are judges in many respects,” stated Frank Cross, a professor at the University of Texas law and business schools. He believes justice has been ruined, and…

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