Essay about Particulate Matter And Indoor Air Pollution

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Introduction: In the Fairbanks Northstar Borough the top air quality issues are particulate matter and indoor air pollution. Indoor air pollution may be many times more toxic and affect the old and young who may be at greatest risk of adverse health effects. My talents may, in fact, contribute to decreasing the levels of these hazards.

The Fairbanks area is well known for a meteorological condition known as temperature inversion. This inversion of temperature, keeping warmer, unhealthy air near the ground by cold, dense air sitting over the top of the Fairbanks bowel. This condition causes polluted air to be trapped and then further concentrated. This condition is directly correlated with higher particulate matter concentrations as well as air quality alert frequency (Wendler, 1974).

The major pollutant in the outside air here is a very particular particulate matter called PM 2.5. PM 2.5 is small enough to be held airborne and to get past the body’s initial air filtering defenses, thus leading to lung issues to include exacerbated asthma conditions and difficulty breathing. Those that suffer from lung conditions from COPD to asthma tend to be more affected and some are, in fact, hospitalized due to the acute concentrations of PM 2.5.

The EPA and State DEC has long challenged Fairbanks to do something to clean up its air. With the threat of federal monitoring and regulations, the State and local governments decided to act…

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