Parole Is A Controversial Topic Essay

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Nowadays, in the United States, parole is a controversial topic. Some believe those prisoners should complete their sentences and not allowed early release. However, research findings show that parole does work. The U.S. Department of Justice report states that 57 percent of parolees in 2006 completed their sentences successfully, while 18 percent were returned to prison and 4 percent absconded, with the remaining 21 percent still on parole. Nonetheless, parole 's existence is at hazard. The "war on drugs" and "Tough on crime" policies have affected the federal government to eliminate federal parole, and on the state level, many states, such as New York, no longer grant parole for persons charged with violent crimes.
Parole is to the conditional release of prisoners or offenders in certain cases before they complete the term sentenced. With parole the prisoners serve the last part of their sentence in the community after completing a mandatory period of substantive sentence in prison as required under the good conduct Prisoners’ Probational release Act, 1926 and Rules 1927.
Under these rules, the Executive (Home Secretary) of the province is empowered to release certain offenders on parole. When the provincial government is satisfied that a prisoner 's track record or good conduct behind bars suggests that he or she would likely abstain from crime and would lead the community to a “useful and industrious life”, it may allow a license of release on the condition that the…

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