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Parker Pen: An Adventure in Globalization pg. 547
1.-This is the history of the failure of an international marketing strategy. Which were the reasons? Analyze the 4 P’s. (Price, Product, Place, Promotion)
Being one of the largest pen industries in the world, Parker Pen was a failure for having international marketing strategy. This is due to the fact that Parker wanted its products to fall under the concept of standardization. He called this the “Janesville strategy”. Under promotion, Parker Pen wanted his pens to follow the mission of “one look, one voice”, meaning all Parker products would be sold and re-produced the same way in all countries the company would make partnership with overseas. As a result, all packaging and
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Mr. Smith decided that a change was needed, therefore pushed for the promotion of high scale to low scale products. Under the management of Mr. Peterson and Mr. Smith, 400 company managers were trained to market Parker products the same way in all locations.

On the other hand, Mr. Parker was a believer of new product development, turning Parker pens into a company producing over 500 lines of products. His thoughts on the development of the global market were contrary to the ideas of Mr. Peterson and Mr. Smith.

3.-Was it a good idea for Parker Pen to produce and sell a wide range of pens from high-cost to low-cost? Why?

It was not a good alternative for Parker Pen to produce and sell pens ranging from high-cost to low-cost. Parker pens are known for the quality in writing instruments and changing their production process by purchasing reduced quality materials will diminish the goodwill of the company.

The first decision of determining if a company should globalize consist of the following items: knowing the company and its strength and weaknesses, knowing the product and its selling points, knowing the home market, knowing the target market and its background, and being able to leaves one’s predetermined values, beliefs, and propositions. There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration. Contrarily, the

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