Paris Baguette Essay

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Contents Table
Executive Summary 3
Background 4
Macro Environment External Forces that Affect Bakery Industry 5-6 2.1Demographic Environment 2.2Political Environment 2.3Economic Environment
Micro Environment Forces that Affect Paris Baguette 7 2.4Competitors 2.5Customers
Macro Environments Forces that Affect Paris Baguette 8
Product Positioning 9
Perceptual Mapping 10
Marketing Research 11-12
Marketing Mix Strategies of Paris Baguette 12-13
Marketing Mix 14
Recommendation 14
Conclusion 15
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Policy support helps with company operation, such as decrease the business income tax- it will increase the profit of company. Singapore government increase the wages tax in order to help poor people, thus, more customers will be able to afford bread. In addition, policies of childbirth encouragement and immigration also help to increase the numbers of consumers. Children are attract by lovely look and sweet taste of desserts, Europeans and Americans prefer bread instead of rice, and they should be regulars of bakeries. However, these policies also benefit other companies in bakery industry, and it will result in increasing of competitions. In order to hold the market share, the company may reduce the price of bread or launch more variety of bread.

2.3Economic Environment
Economic factors are consists of inflations, taxation, interest rate, currency exchanges rate, depression, etc. Those factors will influence the purchasing power and spending patterns of customers. If the interest rate increased, people would like to save their money in bank instead of spending them. That will result in decrease of buying power, thus, the profit of company will reduced also. Inflation also causes decrease of buying power. Inflation puts a lot of pressure on people, and they will decrease daily expenses, it may influence the bakery industry.


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