Parents And A Higher Rate Of Divorce Essay

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The reason why there are more single parents and a higher rate of divorce is because in a relationship many couples are fighting for the power of the household. There are three major theories that help our society understand why our traditional families have changed. The first theory is the functionalist theory which is the belief that marriage and family have much to do with the way our society works and that it works for best. The conflict theory talks about how couples that live together have various problems because they are constantly fighting for power. The last theory is the symbolic interaction theory that happens when women and men change roles when men start staying home and doing more house work while women go out and work. The functionalist believes that there are a few things that should be done in order for our society to function correctly. These things are believed to be the reason to why couples stay together. Which today there is more families have that gone through a divorce or have become single parents. Functionalists also believe that incest taboo is wrong; having a marriage or a relationship among family members would be considered to be wrong. For example a dad marrying his daughter would be considered incest taboo. Incest taboo would cause great problems in a family the mother of the girl the former wife would against the marriage and may even be completely upset by the idea of it. The reason it can lead to divorce or single parents is…

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