Parenthood Of Chicago : A Life Created By The Creator Essay

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824 days ago I walked into Planned Parenthood of Chicago. My soul began to weep as I stepped in, while a thick feather of sorrow landed on my shoulders. I was fighting back the voices of victims in my head. Cries from small creations for me to save them piled my heart. Am I strong enough to stand against the vacuum? “Be still my soul, be still…,” I pray. As I grab some brochures, look into a few eyes, and ask a few questions, I slowly walk away. How could one be so eager to take life created by the creator for a purpose. It is not the babies I am fighting for anymore, it is the lonely girl who was raped with no one to turn to, it is the mother of five who is too afraid to have another mouth to feed, it’s that couple saddened that death would be the result if they carry on. Closing the heavy door and leaving behind a last prayer, I walked away with a heavy heart, for I couldn’t change their hearts, but a prosperous one can.
Rewinding to a year before being in Chicago, I was a senior in high school and working at a coffee shop, Jehovah Java. I was working to save up for senior dues and college application fees. I was surrounded by loving people who began to play a major role in my life. My boss offered me a second job working in a church nursery, which her husband pastored. I began to really get involved with this community of people. This one family hired me to babysit and that’s when things began to change. Through babysitting I was often offered dinner, clothes and even to…

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