Parental Pressure Case Study

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Parental Pressure Experienced by Chinese American High School Students
According to the data from the U.S. Census Bureau, Chinese Americans are the largest ethnic group of Asian demographic in the United States. Their population has been increasing tremendously by 37.9% in this decade (Hoeffel 15). Being one of the largest ethnic group in the United States, their presence has significant impacts on various aspects that relate to the overall development of the country, these include but not limited to politic, social, and economic. Therefore, the topics or issues regarding Chinese Americans should be taken into active discussions as to raise awareness in the society.
One of the issues that bring the attention of most Chinese Americans is the
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In educated families, parental pressure is perceived as a direct and stressful impact. Students from educated families have higher socioeconomic status and are financially supported at all the times. Thus, they are considered to be less mature as they do not have to worry about financing their lives or even their future. Students will inadvertently completely rely on their parents since they are fully supported by them. Chinese parents, hence think that they must plan a career path for their children to secure their future. Those plans set by Chinese parents are nevertheless to assure that their children get into high-prestige schools, which the acceptance rates are fairly low. As a consequence, Chinese American students not only have to demonstrate better academic performances than their peers, but also have to get used in the intense competitive society. They are most likely to be controlled directly by their parents as high school students are not considered as adults under the law. They still stay with their parents and supported by their parents in every aspect of their lives, including living expenses. By investing so much in their children, Chinese American students are expected to maintain or lift up their socioeconomic status as a return of their parents’ …show more content…
Many people view Chinese Americans as smart achievers because they overlook the model minority myths, which reveal that Asian Americans are advanced in Mathematics and Sciences as well as outperform other ethnic groups in education levels. Seen as the model minority, Chinese American students strive to meet the expectations by achieving high education levels and being diligent workers. The model minority stereotype makes Chinese American students experience more stress from parents. For instance, Joanna Chen (a Cornell’s student) was forced by her father to complete the “multiplication tests that none of the other students had received” during her second-grade elementary school (Kam). Although the positive stereotypes, such as “You are so smart, and so good at math” are considered as compliments, but these words are making Chinese American students work so hard to meet with the stereotypes that apply to them. Chen confesses that she felt stressed for not knowing how to do multiplication works

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