Parental Education Attainment Level And Its Relation With Ses And Children 's Risk Of Violence

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The purpose and rational of this study was to review the literature pertaining to parental education attainment level and its relation with SES and children’s risk of violence. This literature review found support for the notion that parental education levels are related to children’s risk of violence during childhood and later in life.
Overview of Main Findings
Parental education attainment level was one of the most established contributors to any form of interpersonal violence, in addition to socioeconomic status. As mentioned prior, parental education attainment level has been found to profoundly impact all areas of an individual’s life. In today’s highly competitive labor force, those with a high school education or less tend to be employed in low paying and unstable positions. They are more likely to be living in poverty, underpaid, overworked and lowest in the Socioeconomic Status (Sprinkle, 2007). Families with low parental education attainment level are more likely to live in poor violent neighborhoods (Chang, Foshee, Reyes, Ennett & Halpern, 2015). The increased stress related to poverty was found to actually increase the likelihood of violence perpetration within the family. In fact, low income and or low education attainment level have been found to increase the likeliness of violence due to the lack of resources (Sprinkle, 2007).
Families with low incomes tend to have difficulty affording food and housing. Due to economic stress, parents face various emotional…

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