Parent Mediated Communication Focused For Children With Autism

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Francisco Licona
PSY 2012-16 Fall 0003
Dr. Vehec
Parent-Mediated Communication-Focused Treatment in Children with Autism (PACT): a Randomised Controlled Trial When observing a child and their mannerisms or behavior, the finger is commonly pointed to the parents of the child. The way parental figures treat their children have correlated with the behavior of the child has been a common belief throughout the years. There are biological, physical, psychological reasons for why children are influenced by their superiors, but when the child has an incurable impediment such as autism in their lives, the parent has little control; however, this does not mean that the child’s behavior is unable to be curbed. Although every mind can think for itself, there are naturally occurring obstacles that can affect the person’s perception or train of thought, such as autism. Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is an incurable disorder which affects perception and executive functioning, which make up behavior, mannerisms, and personality. For example, those with autism tend to be persistent in making decisions for their own sakes, only because they are unable to sympathize with other people, so they make sure that they are at the most satisfied they can be. With this impaired thinking, those who are autistic usually have a harder time adapting to the world around them. Autism is a spectrum disorder, which means that it can affect any individual in varying degrees. There still is…

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