Child Abuse Vs Child Abuse

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Child abuse is a major problem in todays society, but now there are more and more instances in which parents, who believe in disciplining their children, are being accused of abuse.
People are now struggling with how to categorize these incidents as either parental discipline or child abuse. Although many believe that parental discipline is no different than child abuse, there is a fine line that is drawn between the two. While child abuse is committed out of hatred and violence, parents discipline their children out of love.
Abuse is the cruel and violent treatment of a person. There are many different forms of abuse. Child abuse can be the physical, mental, or emotional mistreatment of a child. The United Nations Convention on the Rights
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CHILD ABUSE ␣3 suffered from severe impairment. Kilah died almost two years after the assault in the March of 2014. Autopsies showed that she died of pneumonia and complications from her assault. Diabetes was also another factor in her death, which she contracted after the accident. Joshua Houser was charged of second-degree murder and Kilah’s Law was made in honor of the terrible thing that happened to Kilah Davenport. This law allows states to review their child abuse penalties and to fix their laws before another case like Kilah’s occurs. (Bell, 2014)
Child abuse is a serious issue that takes place all around the world. In the United States alone, a child abuse case is reported every ten seconds. Every year three million child abuse reports are made in the United states, involving over six million children. An average of five children are lost to child abuse today, the U.S. holding one of the worst records for child abuse amongst the industrialized nations. Physical abuse is the most prevalent type of child abuse, closely followed by sexual abuse. (Child Abuse Statistics an Facts) Anyone who would do anything to harm an innocent child on purpose is despicable. Child abuse is a pure form of hatred. Some child abusers commit the crime out of retaliation for something that has happened in their lives. For instance, when they were younger, they could have been abused, and are now getting even. In other instances, they may just be using abuse to relieve
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The first few years of your life are the most crucial when it comes to planting the right morals in your child. This is when they learn right from wrong and whether actions or appropriate or not. If your child lacks discipline, they will acquire the mentality that they could do anything that they want to do and get away with it. The start to believe that there are no consequences. This mentality will get them in big trouble once they are on their own. They wont have the necessary skills to be able to judge whether or not something is a bad idea. So although it may just seem like a simple slap on the hand now, it is increasing the child’s judgement skills, and also teaches the child about authority. Discipline shows the chid that they are not in control and that they are not he authority over

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