Essay on Paranoid Schizophrenia At The Age Of Eighteen

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My brother Lester was first diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia at the age of sixteen. Paranoid schizophrenics often have false delusions and auditory hallucinations, causing them to see things-people or objects that aren’t really there or to hear voices no one else can hear. It’s difficult for schizophrenics to differentiate between their illness and reality. For the most part, they can’t. It was hard for my family to accept the diagnosis, but we learned to deal with it. Lester used to live a normal teenage life, going to school, playing sports and video games, and staying out late. If you weren 't a part of the immediate family, you wouldn’t even know he had a mental illness. His illness had never been a problem or concern, in fact; he used to be one of the sweetest people I knew, until he got older. Lester used to be so sweet to everyone, doing nice gestures from the kindness of his heart. He never did anything majorly sweet like feed the homeless but always did little things for many people, and that’s what made him so awesome. He would give his family and friends’ rides to places, feed them, and even give them money if they needed it. For example, when my mom was low on the rent money, she was working overtime so that she could pay all the bills, and Lester volunteered to pay the difference. My mom didn’t accept the money, but the thought of a seventeen-year-old boy, with no job, volunteering his money to help out his mom in need just shows his wonderful…

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