Essay about Paralegal Proffesional and Ethics Debate Post 1

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The Paralegal Profession and Ethics
Based on the reading for this week, describe the role of a paralegal and the skills necessary to be a paralegal. Why are these skills important? Are paralegals able to represent clients? What is attorney-client privilege and how does this relate to the role of a paralegal? Summarize the Biblical Model as presented by Professor Bern.

The role of the paralegal:
I would say that the role of a paralegal is primarily to assist an attorney, law office, or government agency. But there can be other roles as well that are less common, such as but not limited to assisting individuals in matters involving the social security administration. The roles of the paralegal and what duties they perform can
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20 C.F.R. ยง 416.1505b (2012).
Attorney client privilege:
I have interpreted the attorney client privilege as to information only obtained from the client and having different rules or laws applied to such privilege depending on jurisdiction, federal or state. The law of each jurisdiction must be consulted to determine the extent of the privilege. Goldman & Henry R. Cheeseman, The Paralegal Professional 58 (3rd ed. 2011). This privilege can relate to the role of the paralegal because it is extended to the paralegal through the attorney who is directly supervising the paralegal working on the case in question of said privilege. This is supported by the summary of the U.S. district Court for the Southern District of New York. IN RE Grand Jury Subpoenas dated March 24, 2003 directed to (A) Grand Jury Witness Firm and (B) Grand Jury Witness, M11-188 (USDC, S.D.N.Y.)(June 2, 2003).
The Biblical model:
Ok my interpretation and views on the law from a biblical standpoint are different or probably not going to cover this part of the article properly. But I like to make things simple when it comes to ethical and biblical problems or questions. I think my interpretation of the biblical model is that God set down the law and is the supreme authority. He communicated to man what his law is for man and for us to follow it and make our laws according to God and the bible. So my interpretation of this

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