Essay about Paradise Lost By John Milton

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Paradise Lost was a controversial poem that appeared in the 17th century by the author John Milton. This epic poem mostly occurred during the beginning of time introducing God, Satan, Adam and Eve. Although Milton’s intention was to educate Christians on God’s reasoning, readers were opposed of the poem. Unlike traditional ways that most people were taught, this poem was an eye opener. Most people were offended and also calling Milton a Satanist. Others on the other hand took insight on what Milton was trying to deliver to the general public. The question most of may be asking is what was the biggest purpose of writing this poem. Milton creation of Paradise Lost was to educate Christians, explain theodicy, and spark conversation. Paradise Lost ironically took place during the very first beginning of time. The poem is most likely Christian theme in that it occurred in Genesis, first book in the Bible. Unlike the traditional story that many Christians know of, Milton felt the need to add his own perspectives. Although it wasn’t a drastic change, it made a big difference to the audience. Christians were on the fence to support or degrade the poem itself. Reading this version of the story makes one question how to the plot played out. Who’s to say the real Bible is the truth. From years down the Bible has been alternated by different people in each generation. Milton was a strong advocate for God and felt that it was his purpose to bring this story to the forefront.…

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