Obsession: The Myth Of Pandora's Gollum

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Obsession Leads to Destruction The myth of Pandora’s Box and Tolkien’s Gollum showcase how temptation over an object can lead to something tragic. Obsession leads to tragedy whether it is an individual or societal matter; the mythological Pandora obsesses over her box, while Tolkien’s Gollum obsesses over his “precious”, yet both attachments bring irreversible misfortune. The mythological Pandora and Tolkien’s Gollum obsessions led to catastrophe. Their temptation for their personal attachments resulted in undesirable yet permanent consequences. The myth of Pandora’s Box originated back in the Golden Age where “only men were upon the earth; …show more content…
It is the deep unpleasant thoughts and feelings we have that our conscious is not aware of. However, there is a method that is used to “deal with the demands of reality, of the id and of the superego” (Kelly 86). This technique is called psychoanalysis and it is used to release repressed emotions and experiences to make the unconscious conscious. It helps develop an insight into an individual’s vulnerabilities, motives, and culpability. Therefore, the ego is in charge of thinking and reasoning to control the impulses the id and superego might bring. The myth of Pandora’s Box and Tolkien’s Gollum share common characteristics in their actions towards their attachments that brought ruin, but both fates differ from each other. Pandora and Gollum’s ignorant choices towards their obsessions resulted in severe consequences that are impossible to halt. They both had curious and enticing personalities that were their natural nature. Unfortunately, those qualities took over their sense of understanding and became obsessively attached to their objects unconsciously. Therefore, they made rash choices that ended in catastrophe. The myth and the reimagined work have different story lines; however, they are alike in how both characters experience catastrophe resulting from their

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