Essay on Pain Management And Drug Addiction

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Pain Management and Drug Addiction It has been an ongoing debate regarding the use, misuse and abuse of pain medications. Acknowledging the pain experience and convey acceptance of client’s response to pain is one of the nursing interventions that we do to our clients, it is simply because pain is a subjective experience and cannot be felt by others (Doenges et al. 2013). Historically, the recognition of pain management has not been prioritized as on medical and surgical histories, the saving of lives have been emphasized rather than to relieve pain. It is on a blinded view that acute pain is seen as an alarming ethical issue when being linked with drug addiction.
Pain management is best utilized with opioids. Sykes & Thorns (2003) reviewed that these drugs are commonly the best carried out orders to stabilize pain especially in cases of cancer. The researchers viewed these drugs as commonly used for palliative care. The therapy has shown effectiveness as it reduces the anxiety and distress experienced by the patient. There have been conflicting ethical issues brought by opioids used in palliative care. The practice has been seen as slow euthanasia or terminal sedation (Billings & Block, 1996) because it shortens the patient’s life. But ethically, the use of pain management can be defended by the basis of the doctrine of double effect. According to Latimer (1991), the treatment must meet the following criteria: treatment is seen as beneficiary but also has harmful effects,…

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