PEST Analysis And Pest Analysis Of JM Monetary

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) Most Profitable Company

As per the graph, it is determined that JM monetary has high gain compared to any or all its competitors. Religare enterprises is that the least profitable within the ton.
Bajaj Finserv is that the most profitable with a profit of Rs 733.35 crore, a rise in two.08% as compared to last year.

f. Who has (impression will do) the lowest cost structure
In financial services sector, there's lowest input for operations as raw materials and production overhead is zero. The major price input is manpower cost. Cost structure is known by the gain and growth pattern of the corporate. Considering these factors, JM monetary has an all-time low price structure within the financials service sector.
g. Supplier industry characteristics and power
There are no suppliers in the financial services industry as such.
h. Buyer power
The buyer power is quite high because it depends on the buyer to a large extent as to what will be the current stock price.

i. What can substitute your product?
Nothing can substitute financial services because any other investment, whether gold or mutual fund, will ultimately come down to financial service only.

3. Macros that affect the industry

Political Analysis
Finance-Investments firms are protected by the rules and
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The businesses lookout for completely different systems and used net to urge to their customers everywhere across the globe and additionally facilitate them to understand the newest trends within the world’s business. Except from these, the businesses additionally use special facilities that facilitate them to advance their productions and operations and additionally build them to realize their goal. Technological breakthroughs will produce new industries which could prove a danger to conferred

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