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News report P2
The following news report concerns the unethical behaviour coming from a leading oil company that is Chevron. It is reported they are currently causing extreme damage to the environment in Ecuador as a result of their bad practises.
We have been informed that more than 18 billion gallons of toxic wastewater has been dumped in the areas surrounding their operations, there have also been reports of around 17 million gallons of crude oil being spilt alongside vast amounts of hazardous waste being left in open pits in the forest floor; all in a bid for Chevron to save money.
These practises did not meet industry standards and are illegal in both Ecuador and the US. Chevron is now on the run from the Ecuadorian courts as
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The employees of chevron will now be in a position of choosing whether to stay in such a corrupt company, or taking the moral high ground and leaving. Although for those involved in allowing for the destructive practises to take place, such as the board of directors, managers and owners, it may be a different story as they are now under scrutiny and will be having to justify or explain their actions.
Customers may now choose to avoid buying their oil from chevron also, meaning that other companies such as BP and Shell will become more popular.

Unethical behaviour such as that shown by Chevron is often a result of conflicts of interest, the main one being the demand of low cost/high quality goods from customers, and the need to provide them by companies such as chevron, who will want to provide goods for a high price to increase their revenues. This conflict in demands often results in businesses such as chevron behaving unfairly upon others to achieve an outcome that suits both parties involved.
Chevron and their competitors will also both have conflicting interests, as chevron will want to provide their customers will a fairly priced product, whereas their competitors will want them to have high prices so that they can provide cheaper products and be more appealing to their customers. This fight to have

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