Ozone House Substance Abuse

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391,735 children, in the Metro-Detroit and South Central counties of Michigan, suffer from neglect, abuse, and homelessness. Youth facing these adversities are often victim to effects of mental disorders (depression, anxiety, PTSD), educational and behavioral disabilities, improper brain development, and substance abuse. Many children, who have these effects, are unaware of places in their community where they can receive support. Since 1969, The Ozone House has provided a free shelter for runaway, homeless, and high-risk youth in Washtenaw County. Being aware of the existence, uniqueness, and the impact that the Ozone House provides helps youth in unstable environments find a safe and supportive place.
A community outside of just my family,”
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Three locations, all in the Washtenaw area, make up the Ozone house agency. Each one provides programs that are nonjudgemental and determined to empower and meet youth 's basic needs. SafeStay, for ages 10-17, is a 2-3 week residential shelter for youth who need a safe place to stay or a break from conflict at home. Youth in SafeStay are on consistent schedules— wakeup/attend to hygiene, breakfast, life skills group, lunch time, study/chore time, recreational activities,lights out— that present the importance of prioritization, rules, boundaries,and healthy lifestyle. Miller house is a safe and stable home for young adults, ages 17-20, who want to transition into an independent lifestyle. Paying “rent”, that goes into a saving account, or being in school are required. Youth in need of a job can join an intensive employment training and paid internship through Work Zone and learn,resume-writing, interviewing, and professional workplace behavior.The Ypsi Drop-In center allows youth ages 13-20 to hang out, express themselves, and get involved in programs. Street Outreach is a program, for ages 15-19, who want to reach out to homeless and high-risk youth on the streets and speak about the Ozone House. Pride Zone allows youth who identify as LGBTQ to come and build relationships, socialize, and access support. Lyricist Lounge is a poetry and music

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