Oxycontin Essay

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Oxycontin-A Wonder Drug?
In 1995, the FDA approved a miracle drug, which would aid in a person's ability to cope with the severe pain associated with cancer. Purdue Pharma L.P. of Stamford, Connecticut, introduced the wonder drug that would eventually be the demise of many. Oxycotin would, for several, lead to addiction, criminal behaviors, and, for some, their lives. The intent of releasing the drug was solely to treat patients suffering from chronic pain. Since the release of the drug, doctors are now prescribing the medicine for moderate pain as well. Patients have become extremely addicted and have gone to extreme lengths to obtain the "poor man's heroin," which may include criminal activities. Recovering addicts endure an
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By crushing the tablet and either ingesting or snorting it, or by injecting diluted Oxycontin, abusers feel the powerful effects of the opioid in a short time, rather than over a 12-hour span. Second, great profits are to be made in the illegal sale of Oxycontin. A 40-milligram pill costs approximately $4 by prescription, yet it may sell for $20 to $40 on the street, depending on the area of the country in which the drug is sold." (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services) Many who can no longer receive prescription Oxycontin end up turning to the less expensive street drug, heroin.
Crime related to the drug abuse is primarily reported in rural communities where labor-intensive jobs are at there highest. The most common addicts are reported to be construction workers, coal minors, lumber laborers, and other physically demanding jobholders. The prescription often given to those who are in need of the drug are often tempted to sell the drug for profit, increasing their income, yet struggle with the pain that initiated the prescription. Addicts who struggle with getting their hands on the medicine have turned to falsifying prescriptions and robbing pharmacies.
Oxycontin has affected the lives of many, including the following abuser from Lowell, who wishes to remain anonymous. The addict describes her life experiences while being addicted to Oxycontin: I

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