Drug Legalization Essay

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Drug legalization must occur, not for the sake of the addict, but for the future of America. Certainly, the money invested in the current drug enforcement policies, do not indicate an acceptable return on results or a clear path for resolution. As a result; escalating prison populations, swelling cartel profits, and civil liberty violations dominate urban landscapes. Undoubtedly, any dialogue centering on legalization, must include healthcare reforms and positive social engagement for youth Political scare tactics, skyrocketed non-violent drug related incarcerations in the 1980’s; pairing the media and government marching in unison to the chorus of “War on Drugs.” Therefore, unjustly expanding the prison population, according to author Erich Goode, for the sake of political gain. Currently, America leads the world in prison population and rates second in per capita incarceration rates. In addition, the costs for maintaining state prisons exceeds $48.5 billion in 2010, with the costs of other …show more content…
Reestablishing needle exchange programs and concentrating on rehabilitation, even during incarceration could help curb long term costs. The lack of accessible treatment programs and affordable mental health facilities, currently contribute to crime and health costs. Reducing gaps in the availability of quality programs and prices would help lessen the impact of legalization. Obviously, businesses fear repercussions from legalization; including loss of productivity, accidents, diminished workforces, and increased turnover rates. Guaranteeing businesses, the same protections now covering employment practices, legalization should not impose any additional problems on employers. Current drug screening procedures, allow businesses to maintain acceptable drug free workplaces for insurance purposes and accident

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