Overexploitation Of Human Activity In Wildlife And Natural Resources

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Wildlife and natural resources have always been an asset the human race has depended on for food, clothing, medicine, shelter and many other needs over the past centries. Humans, in fact, have exceeded the tolerance level of goods that the natural environment can supply. Numerous studies show that many species are continuingly being affected since humans are harvesting or taking resources faster than the population can compensate for, this is best known as overexploitation (Enzor). As a visual aid, think of this situation as a jar full of cookies in front of many hungry people. The hungry people are going to continue eating the cookies until they are satisfied, however, it takes time to bake more cookies and if the cookies in the jar are eaten faster than they are made, the supply of cookies will quickly run out. This analogy is a good example referring to the factors responsible for the situation of overexploitation (Enzor).

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