Ovarian Cancer : The Second Leading Cause Of Cancer Related Deaths Among Women And Deadliest Of Gynecologic Cancers

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This paper explores Ovarian cancer, the fifth leading cause of cancer related deaths among women and deadliest of gynecologic cancers. Ovarian cancer is a disease in which cancerous cells are first found in the ovaries, and often metastasize to different areas of the body. So far no one knows exactly what causes ovarian cancer, and they can’t explain why certain women develop ovarian cancer and other do not. They have found certain factors that make you more at risk for ovarian cancer: strong family history of cancer, women over 55, women never pregnant, and women who have taken hormone replacement pills. Ovarian cancer has been known to be the “silent killer” because most of the signs and symptoms are very vague and common. There has been lots of research to develop screening tests for ovarian cancer but they haven’t been successful yet. Ovarian cancer has a very low prognosis; because it doesn’t have early detection or screening tests which is why most cases are not diagnosed until they have reached really advanced stages. The two most common treatments for ovarian cancer are surgery and chemotherapy.

Could you imagine being pregnant with your second child, three months in and you go into the doctor because you actually look like you are five- six months pregnant? They find out you have a tumor the size of a softball, they schedule surgery to remove the tumor in a couple weeks. When they remove the tumor it grew to the size of a dinner plate, they biopsied the…

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