Outsourcing and Globalization Essay

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I challenge you, the reader of this paper, to attend a party, church or school event, or any gathering of adults, and not hear about someone’s job being outsourced. I also dare the reader to remember a time when there was not an abundance of affordable products in the marketplace and wax romantic over spending over a thousand dollars for a cell phone in the age of buy-one-get-one free. Well, this paper is all about that. I am going to skim the surface of the global economy and its impact on American industry and workers. Such a meaty topic cannot be covered in so short a forum, so my intent is to provide a high level
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American manufacturing was the envy of the world, and her products were in demand across the globe. Textiles were booming, and technological advances came from every corner of the USA. We experienced a boom like no other since the Industrial Revolution.
A wealthy and prosperous United States did much to help other nations develop, and not necessarily intentionally. Other nations did receive monetary assistance from us, but they also benefitted by American indifference to technological and manufacturing advances. Asians, too, were starting to see a tremendous growth as well. According nationmaster.com, Japan’s GDP between 1955 and 1980 grew from $91B to $1.06T. As of 2006, Japan’s GDP is 2nd to the USA. The top five are charted below [ (Nationmaster.com, 2008) ]: Rank | Country | GDP in 2006 | 1 | United States | $13,201,820,000,000.00 | 2 | Japan | $4,340,133,000,000.00 | 3 | Germany | $2,906,681,000,000.00 | 4 | China | $2,668,071,000,000.00 | 5 | United Kingdom | $2,345,015,000,000.00 |

This growth in GDP has changed the landscape of the world in terms of industry and technology. The next section of this paper will touch briefly on some of the effects of Globalization on both the wealthy and developing nations.

Globalization’s Positive Impacts
Much of what I have read and seen over the years has been in support of Globalization and in support of a global

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