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Outpatient, Primary Care, and CAM Services There are many important parts to our health care system here in the United State such as outpatient care, primary care, complimentary, and alternative medicine. Some of these services are vastly used and others are underutilized. In this paper I will first discuss the different parts of outpatient services and why they are beneficial to patients but also doctors. Next I will explain why primary care services are so detrimental and the different models of primary care services. Lastly I will discuss a few of the different types of CAM services in more detail. Showing you they can be a great option for an affordable way of treating and preventing disease. Outpatient Services are services that do not require an overnight stay in a hospital or facility. The patient receives the service and is able to go home the same day, not having to stay …show more content…
Primary care providers are considered the “gatekeepers.” This means that primary care physicians are the first contact in which patients see, and they decide if the patient needs to see a specialist or be admitted to a hospital (Shi and Singh, 2012). Examples of primary care visits include annual physical exams for men and women. Some of the women’s’ exams are pap exams screening for cervical cancer and breast cancer. Typically annual physical exams also include checking blood pressure, sometimes blood work checking for potential risks of diabetes and cardiovascular disease, and also discussing lifestyle habits with your doctor. These visits are usually quick and are covered by insurance companies. There are two models of patient-centered primary care I would like to discus; there is the Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) concept and the community-oriented primary care model. The Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) According to Kern, Edwards, & Kaushal,

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