Outline Of A Life Goals Using Various 7 Small Money Moves Essay

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Attain Your Life Goals Using These 7 Small Money Moves
Most people have great financial dreams but unfortunately most of them never come to a reality. This failure is majorly contributed by poor money moves that we make. The most amazing thing is that there is nothing impossible; what you do as you work towards a goal is what determines the final destination. Every person would like to meet all the life bills and be left debt free. The challenge is in getting to where they want to be. Only a smart move towards the goalis what you certainly need
1. Budget your money
Budgeting is all about planning how to spend the money. In other words, making smart decisions on how you will allocate the money. When you have a clear knowledge of how you spend your money and can account for each coin, then you are on the right track. Allocate you money to the various basic requirements in your life and don’t forget the savings. The automatic bank savings where the bank automatically places the set amount to the savings account is among the best ways of saving. You will never see the money hence, the temptation of using it is very low.
2. Avoid debts
Debts aren’t bad in emergencies but are great in dragging your goal achievement behind. Always yearn to remain debt free unless very necessary. Start by clearing the debts that have the highest interest such as the credit cards followed by house mortgages, car loans and finally the student fees. Once you are done with your debts, allocate…

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