Operating Systems: Ethics: Moral Ethics And Ethics

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This means no one is allowed to copy your stuff because it 's illegal unless they get your permission and give you credit for making it if they choose to use it.
NZ Copyright Act 1994 -http://www.copyright.org.nz/basics.php
What does copyright protect?
Copyright protects your work and/or stuff so that people can 't use it or claim it as theirs and if they do use your pictures etc. with permission then they should give you credit. Movies are copyright so that they don 't get stolen and claimed by someone else. Some people illegally watch movies online which is copyright because whoever put the movie online is technically stealing it or has illegally recorded it maybe from a movie theatre somewhere.

How long does
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If you are part of the legal ethic you will live life following the law at looking at things or situations and seeing if they are legal or illegal and doing the legal things. If you are from a culture you might believe that something is right but it 's illegal so they fight for the right to do this. So for moral ethics this is doing what you believe in whether it’s religious, legal or cultural ethics or maybe even something else.

Operating Systems

Multi-user is when multiple people are using the same application or maybe a game, on some games there are a bunch of users that can play together on the same game to verse or play with each other.

Real time
Real time is what is now, not past or future. This may be something like the news as this is information for now.
Single user

Multitasking is doing more than one thing at a time like you could have a website open and an application so you could be researching and adding information as you go, you could also have a calculator on screen and be doing the calculations. Multi-tasking could also be talking as well as changing slides and all sorts of other things in a presentation or even a
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Keeping a budget
This means you limit your spending money so you aim to not spend over a certain amount of money which can help you save and not spend all of your money. You can use applications like Microsoft excel (spread sheets) to keep track of your savings/spending 's and could also include what you have bought or what you are saving for and can tell you how much more you have to save to reach a certain amount of money. Keeping a budget can also just be saving up to buy something you want.
I kept a budget and saved my money to buy a new phone. I put money in my bank each week which took me a few weeks to save enough money.

Creating slides for a presentation
I made a power point presentation for science about space by having slides with information or pictures on each one which included Facts, statistics, images etc. This helped catch the audiences eye and kept them interested as i had images on the slide too so there was something to look at as well as reading or listening to the speaker.

Managing complex data
There are many apps you can use to manage complex data like excel

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