Outcome Of Children 's Health State, Education, And Relationships

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Outcome of Children in Single Parent Homes
There are 318.9 million people in the United States of America according to the United States Census Bureau. 13.7 million of the 318.9 million individuals are considered single parents, they are responsible for raising 22 million children today (wolf). A single parent is described as an individual who brings up a child or children without a partner. The fact that 22 million of today’s children are being raised by single parents is a statistic that gives a positive view on the amount of success of single parents, but just because the children are growing up doesn’t mean they are growing up the right way.
When children grow up in single parent homes multiple aspects of their lives are affected. Due to the increase in families breaking apart and becoming single parent homes I plan to discover how this problem effects children in the family as they are young children and as they proceed to adulthood. Through my research of many sources I plan to uncover exactly how children’s health state, education, and relationships are negatively affected due to living in a single parent home. I also plan to uncover the reasons for parents of a child separating. Through the research done the results are written to show how growing up in a single parent home causes problems in a child’s success. Don’t just assume single parenting just happens, although it may seem as if it is as common as grass. Single parenting is caused by multiple things such…

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