Our Understanding Of Life On Earth Essay example

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Evolution-our understanding of what life is, how it changes over time, and how all life on Earth is realted.

to be living you have to be composed of cells, either a single cell organism or multicellular organism. you have to use energy to be living, Living things take in energy and use it for maintenance and growth. You have to grow and adapt to be living, if you can 't grow or adapt you can 't change to your environment and will die. all living things reproduce so there species can grow.

To adapt is to make suitable to requirements or conditions; adjust or modify fittingly
When an environmental stress is constant and lasts for many generations, successful adaptation may develop through biological evolution. Those individuals who inherit a trait that offers an advantage in responding to particular stresses are more likely to survive longer and pass on more of their genes to the next generation. This is evolution through natural selection. For instance, people whose ancestors have lived in areas that have had endemic click this icon to hear the preceding term pronounced malaria for thousands of years often inherit some degree of immunity to this serious disease. The high incidence of sickle-cell trait among the people of Central Africa is largely the result of indirect selection for this trait by malaria. Heterozygous carriers of the sickling gene usually do not have sickle-cell anemia and are sufficiently resistant to the malarial microorganism that they are at a…

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