Our Team Presentation Focused On Two Latino Gangs Essay

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Our team presentation focused on two Latino gangs, MS-13 (Mara Salvatrucha), and the Los Surenos gang. My part of the presentation was to provide information on the type of crime these two gangs are known to commit. The crimes committed by the MS-13 gang are varied, violent, and take place all over the country. The FBI even put together a task force called the MS-13 National Gang Task Force in December of 2004 to try to put a stop to this gang’s activities. (www.fbi.gov). Los Surenos or Sur-13, originally based in Los Angeles, has also branched out from turf wars with rival gangs to “for profit”, violent crimes across the country.
After reading several articles on both gangs, it seems like both of these gangs are involved in a lot of the same crimes. The crimes range from small crimes like graffiti vandalism to violent crimes, like rape and murder. The graffiti vandalism is to disrespect rival gangs. A gang will go into another gang’s territory and spray paint their gang’s name or symbols all over buildings in that territory. The crime is really not small in some respect because it always leads to some sort of retaliation. This retaliation can come in the form of beatings, drive by shooting murders, theft, target murders and rape. Sometimes, the violence is between members of the same gang. Assaults and murders occur within each gang for several reasons. A feeling that someone was disrespected, inability to pay for drugs, theft of drugs, a belief that someone was a snitch…

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