Our Planet Is Being Invaded And Destroyed Essay

1424 Words Jun 4th, 2015 null Page
Our planet is being invaded and destroyed not by some green or blue aliens or by terrorist or some strong government that trying to take over the world. Earth is being conquered by garbage that is filling our oceans with plastic, the land with toxic material that takes hundreds of years if not more to decompose. Much of what ends up in the ocean and landfills could be recycled and people are not being encouraged to recycle more of their household waste. But it is not the trash from our homes that finds its way to ocean and landfills, there is a huge amount that comes from shops, offices, factories and other businesses. Up until now businesses, schools and people have to have to sort all their garbage for recycling but many do not have the time, which is why much of it ended up in the ocean and landfill. Most of people don’t think so much about trash especially if they live in an industrialized country where they get curbside pickup. that leaves the rest which is over 50% or thousand pound per year per American citizen to sit in the landfill to decomposed or not decomposed. In order for earth to have the ability to regenerate its natural resources, there are several solutions which science is using to solve trash problems; however, these ideas are not the perfect solution for the garbage problem. In order to perfect these solutions, people need to be aware of the problem, schools should convert to paperless, and plastic manufactures and big corporation that use plastic should…

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