Essay on Othello Is A Classic Play By William Shakespeare

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Othello is a classic play by William Shakespeare. It displays themes of love, deception and jealousy. The play also digs into racism, sexism and also political issues within ranks. The play centers with four major characters; Othello, the general of the army; Desdemona, his wife; Cassio, his lieutenant; and his most trusted friend Iago. Othello loves his wife blindly and the most unrealistically. However, Othello kills his beloved wife because of jealousy. In the tragedy of King Lear, Shakespeare also shows jealousy among Lear’s three daughters. At the very beginning of the play, Lear divides the kingdom between his daughters who love him the most. Yet the jealousy between his two unfaithful daughters makes them to take each other’s lives. Shakespeare displays jealousy between Edgar, the legitimate son of Gloucester and Edmund, illegitimate son of Gloucester. Shakespeare uses this vividly dominating matter of jealousy in Othello and King Lear just show the audiences that jealousy can make someone insane. Eventually, jealousy is more like a virus and mental disorder that could destroy lives so quick. It can also ruin lives so easy and Shakespeare shows very clearly in these two tragedies. According to Othello, jealousy is the central theme of the play. First, Iago becomes jealous because of Cassio. Iago thinks that he is the right person to be a lieutenant. Instead, Othello decides to make Cassio as a lieutenant. This is one of the major causes of Iago’s jealousy…

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